Julian Trummer - The TT Podcast


Julian Trummer, racer from Austria and fastest European around the Mountain Course, is on The TT Podcast with Chris and Lee.

In the first half of the two-part episode, we learn about Julian’s childhood and his entry into motorbikes and racing. Growing up in central Europe, it was his parent’s interest in the “crazy race” in the Isle of Man that introduced him to the Isle of Man TT Races at just five years old.

We get to understand more about how he went from a child on holiday at the TT to his first lap of the course which, he says, made him want to quit immediately.

In part 2, Julian opens up more about the fear and the danger of motorbike racing, especially on roads and in the Isle of Man. He talks us through how he handles the constant fear from the danger of racing, and how he learns from his racing mistakes.

He also lets us into a secret about how his first ever superbike race was at the TT.

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