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1926 Senior TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Woods, Stanley 3:54:39.80 67.54 Norton
2 Handley, Wal 3:59:00.40 66.31 Rex Acme
3 Longman, Frank 4:00:03.40 66.3 AJS
4 Craig, Joe 4:04:47.00 64.75 Norton
5 Wood, Clarrie 4:07:35.00 64.2 HRD
6 Rowley, George 4:07:48.60 63.96 AJS
7 Varzi, Achille 4:08:05.00 63.8 Sunbeam
8 Jackson, Sidney 4:10:22.00 63.4 HRD
9 Twemlow, Kenneth 4:12:03.60 62.8 HRD
10 Walker, Graham 4:12:35.00 62.7 Sunbeam
11 Macaya, Ignacio 4:16:06.00 61.9 Norton
12 Willis, Harold 4:19:30.00 61.1 Triumph
13 Ollerhead, Sydney 4:19:51.00 61 Rudge
14 Archibald, E. 4:24:24.00 59.9 OK
15 Whitworth, Frank 4:26:45.00 59.5 Rudge
16 Harris, Harry 4:26:48.00 59.5 HRD
17 Wise, Clarrie 4:29:31.00 58.8 AJS
18 Welsby, Jack 4:31:12.00 58.5 Scott
19 Driscoll, Pat 4:33:32.00 58.1 Zenith Chater Lea
20 Anstice, Vic 4:37:46.00 57.2 Douglas
21 Wade, Ossie 4:39:57.00 56.6 HRD
22 Brockbank, Harry 4:44:26.00 56.2 Cotton
R Robertson, A.J. AJR
R Crauford, R.V. OK
R Wade, John HRD
R Walters, H.M. P & M
R Whalley, Jim Douglas
R Birkin, Archie Norton
R Harry, A.M. New Hudson
R Bennett, Alec Norton
R Moller, Henry Norton
R Spann, Tommy Sunbeam
R Porter, Jock New Gerrard
R Hough, Charlie AJS
R Kuhn, Gus Douglas
R Stevens, Hanford AJS
R Patchett, George-William McEvoy
R Randles, Len Sunbeam
R Langman, Harry Scott
R Parker, Len Douglas
R Bullus, Tommy P & M
R Searle, Ernie Norton
R Crabtree, Syd Wallis
R Ghersi, Pietro Guzzi
R Twemlow, Eddie HRD
R Davies, Howard HRD
R Mainwaring, Ernie Scott
R Simister, Tom Norton
R Evans, Wilmot Triumph
R Tetsall, Bert Sunbeam
R Dixon, Freddie Douglas
R Simpson, Jimmie AJS
R Hobson, N. Triumph
R Langton, Oliver New Hudson
R Waterhouse, Charlie Sunbeam
R Ashby, Cecil P & M
R Shaw, Jimmy Norton


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