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1966 Lightweight TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Hailwood, Mike 2:13:26.00 101.79 Honda
2 Graham, Stuart 2:19:20.00 97.69 Honda
3 Inchley, Peter 2:28:34.40 91.43 Villiers
4 Stastny, Franta 2:31:09.00 89.87 Jawa
5 Findlay, Jack 2:32:56.20 88.82 Bultaco
6 Smith, Bill 2:35:01.40 87.63 Bultaco
7 Grotefeld, Terry 2:36:30.60 86.8 Aermacchi
8 Butcher, Rex 2:37:14.20 86.39 Aermacchi
9 Plenderleith, George 2:37:21.60 86.33 Honda
10 Richards, Brian 2:37:24.80 86.3 Bultaco
11 Keith, Gordon 2:38:45.60 85.57 Greeves
12 Smith, Barry 2:43:54.80 82.88 Suzuki
13 Moule, Albert E. 2:44:01.00 82.82 Aermacchi
14 Curry, Jim 2:44:46.40 82.44 Honda
15 Conran, Paul 2:54:05.00 78.03 Bultaco
16 Dyde, Bert 2:57:17.00 76.62 Royal Enfield
R Duff, Mike Yamaha
R Cass, Kevin Bultaco
R Atlee, Len Cotton
R Jennings, D. Yamaha
R Breingan, Ray DMW
R Smith, B.E. Bultaco
R Hunt, Clive Aermacchi
R Jensen, Gosta Yamaha
R Haldane, Robert Bultaco
R Pearson, James Aermacchi
R Rosner, Heinz MZ
R Fearns, Thomas Hannah
R Craine, Dennis Royal Enfield
R Gibson, Peter Bultaco
R Landrebe, Neville Bultaco
R Robb, Tommy Bultaco
R Lawlor, Luke Greeves
R Haddock, Albert Ariel
R Kidson, John Guzzi
R Evans, Lawrence Edward BSA
R Rhodes, Ivan Velocette
R Neveling, Garth Yamaha
R Hudson, John Yamaha
R Stevens, Fred MZ
R Howard, Owen Aermacchi
R Howe, Joe Honda
R Wood, Anthony Ducati
R Lawn, Arthur Aermacchi
R Ivy, Bill Yamaha
R Finlay, Tom Yamaha
R Dodds, John Cotton
R Nilsson, Sture Husqvarna
R Simmonds, Dave Honda
R Pagani, Alberto Aermacchi
R Pallister, Terry Cotton
R Williams, Len Aermacchi
R Bisbey, Roy Norton
R Boyd, Bill Yamaha
R Parsonage, Colin Royal Enfield
R Read, Phil Yamaha
R Boughey, Roy Ariel
R Walsh, Pat Aermacchi
R Duffy, Brian Yamaha
R Jones, David Bultaco
R Ward, Carl Greeves
R Capstick, Alan BSA


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