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1969 Lightweight TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Carruthers, Kel 2:21:35.20 95.95 Benelli
2 Perris, Frank 2:24:59.40 93.69 Suzuki
3 Herrero, Santiago 2:26:21.00 92.82 Ossa
4 Chatterton, Mick 2:29:10.00 91.16 Yamaha
5 Whiteway, Frank 2:30:43.40 90.13 Suzuki
6 Chatterton, Derek 2:31:46.00 89.51 Yamaha
7 Woods, Stan 2:32:15.20 89.22 Yamaha
8 Stastny, Franta 2:32:25.20 89.13 Jawa
9 Richards, Ian 2:34:13.00 88.08 Yamaha
10 Keith, Gordon 2:34:22.00 88 Yamaha
11 Guthrie, Billy 2:34:58.00 87.66 Yamaha
12 Kay, Ken 2:40:48.20 84.48 Aermacchi
13 Boughey, Roy 2:44:02.40 82.81 Honda
14 Allen, A. 2:44:08.80 82.76 Bultaco
15 Tolan, Roy 2:47:08.80 81.28 Yamaha
16 Kidson, John 2:47:24.80 81.15 Guzzi
17 Butenuth, Hans-Otto 2:48:15.60 80.74 Honda
18 Smith, Barry 2:48:16.00 80.73 Suzuki
19 Iles, Les 2:49:49.40 79.99 Greeves
20 Dunn, Norman 2:50:49.60 79.52 Yamaha
21 Benson, Godfrey 2:55:53.60 77.23 Suzuki
22 Hudson, John 2:58:25.40 76.14 Honda
23 Ward, Carl 2:59:39.80 75.61 Bultaco
24 Loughridge, Tom 3:02:14.40 74.54 Suzuki
25 Platt, Peter 3:05:09.20 73.37 Greeves
R Robb, Tommy Yamaha
R Burgess, Trevor Ossa
R Launchbury, Fred Bultaco
R Rae, Bill Bultaco
R Woods, Stephen Yamaha
R Johnson, Eddie Suzuki
R Cooper, Stan Greeves
R Uphill, Malcolm Suzuki
R Nelson, Billie Yamaha
R Pipes, Dick Yamaha
R Keany, Danny Yamaha
R Holdsworth, Trevor Greeves
R Findlay, Jack Yamaha
R Black, J. Yamaha
R Pladdys, Ron Yamaha
R Evans, Lawrence Edward Suzuki
R Smith, Bill Yamaha
R Lawson, Cliff Greeves
R Allen, Martin Yamaha
R Breingan, Ray Yamaha
R Franks, George Bultaco
R Bergamonti, Angelo Aermacchi
R Capper, Roly Yamaha
R Ringwood, John Yamaha
R Ryder, Don Brown spl
R Pasquier, Jean Louis Bultaco
R Grotefeld, Terry Yamaha
R Daniels, Ken Yamaha
R Gould, Rod Yamaha
R Robertson, William Suzuki
R Shacklady, John Yamaha
R Donnelly, Bill Yamaha
R Mayo, Nick Yamaha
R Simmonds, Dave Kawasaki
R Robinson, Dudley Yamaha
R Stanley, John Yamaha
R Williams, Len Aermacchi
R Kavanagh, Mike Kawasaki
R Page, David J. Bultaco
R Walsh, Pat MV
R Bisbey, Roy Suzuki
R Woodman, Derek MZ
R Mortimer, Chas Yamaha
R Read, Phil Benelli
R Mates, Charlie Kawasaki
R Hannan, Ross Yamaha
R Sauter, Ivan Aermacchi
R Howe, Joe Greeves
R Rae, Ronnie Yamaha
R Manship, Andrew Yamaha
R Williams, David Yamaha


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