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1979 Formula 3 TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Smith, Barry 1:32:33.80 97.82 Yamaha
2 Hunter, Dick 1:37:13.20 93.14 Honda
3 Wheeler, Malcolm 1:39:05.00 91.39 Aermacchi
4 Rutter, Tony 1:39:46.60 90.75 Honda
5 Robb, Tommy 1:40:54.40 89.73 Suzuki
6 Tuxworth, Neil 1:40:56.00 89.71 Honda
7 Smith, Bill 1:41:44.40 89 Honda
8 Hammond, John 1:42:05.20 88.7 Aermacchi
9 Cathcart, Alan 1:42:26.60 88.39 Aermacchi
10 Gasse, Harald 1:43:05.60 87.83 Yamaha
11 Middleton, Jeff 1:43:44.00 87.29 Honda
12 Stephens, John 1:43:53.60 87.15 Honda
13 Huxley, Derek 1:43:56.80 87.11 Honda
14 Kiddie, John 1:47:01.20 84.61 Suzuki
15 Caffrey, John 1:47:41.20 84.08 Honda
16 Broadbent, Fred 1:47:50.80 83.96 Suzuki
17 Musson, John 1:54:50.00 78.85 Yamaha
18 Barsdorf, Greg 1:55:26.00 78.44 Yamaha
19 Niven, Ronnie 1:57:30.00 77.06 Aermacchi
R Trotter, Les Suzuki
R Neve, Chris Yamaha
R Ingham, Bill Suzuki
R Launchbury, Fred Maico
R Casement, Denis Yamaha
R Burgan, Les Yamaha
R Grove, Peter Honda
R Barker, Bill Yamaha
R Peters, Brian Suzuki
R Coates, Ernie Yamaha
R Marriott, Glyn Honda
R Lawley, John Yamaha
R Poxon, Mick Honda
R Mortimer, Derek Yamaha
R Barrett, Paul Armstrong
R Millar, Jimmy Aermacchi
R Watts, Nev Yamaha
R Godward, Graham Aermacchi
R Orton, Bob Suzuki
R Tomkinson, Ian Aermacchi
R Jones, Gordon Yamaha
R Linton, Dick Aermacchi
R Oldfield, John Yamaha
R Bowman, Bill Suzuki
R Musson, Hilary Yamaha
R Robson, Bryan Yamaha
R Higgins, Mick Yamaha
R Inwood, Ken Yamaha
R Boddice, Mick Yamaha
R Loan, Derek Suzuki
R Labuschagne, Peter Yamaha
R Cousins, John Suzuki
R Mortimer, Chas Yamaha


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