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1986 Sidecar A TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
2 Newman, Warwick & Yarker, Eddy 1:05:50.80 103.13 Ireson
4 & Giabbard, John
5 Rushbrook, Geoff 1:09:20.00 97.95 Yamaha
6 Cornes, Eric 1:09:29.00 97.74 Yamaha
7 & Gustavsson, Leif
8 Pullen, Steve & Smith, Adam 1:10:05.20 96.9 Yamaha
9 Bayley, Derek & Nixon, Bryan 1:10:33.40 96.25 Yamaha
10 Bellas, Rod 1:10:35.60 96.2 Suzuki
11 Gray, Brian & Huntingdon, Dave 1:10:52.20 95.82 Honda
12 Saville, Dave & Hall, Dave 1:10:54.80 95.77 Yamaha
13 & Finch, Ian
14 Hargreaves, Brian & Cooper, Brian 1:12:19.00 93.91 Suzuki
15 Rutherford, John & Wallace, Barrie 1:13:23.00 92.54 Kawasaki
17 Brown, Keith 1:14:38.40 90.98 Yamaha
18 & Gravel, Philip
19 Barry, Michael 1:17:02.40 88.15 Suzuki
20 Rostron, Brian & Wilde, Tony 1:18:06.40 86.95 Yamaha
21 & Frame, Alistair
22 Rumble (senior), Derek & Burrows, D. 1:18:17.40 86.74 Suzuki
23 & Collister, Sean
24 Hamblin, Mick & Brammer, Wallace 1:19:08.60 85.81 Yamaha
25 & Biggs, Vince
28 Coles, John 1:22:11.60 82.62 Yamaha
29 Heys, Joe & Burns, Ray 1:22:27.00 82.36 Yamaha
30 & Wroth, Arthur
31 & Gale, Dicky
33 & Latham, Kathy
34 Gallagher, Pat & Cawdell, Andrew 1:24:07.20 80.73 Yamaha
R Jackson, Jake Suzuki
R Casson, Derry Suzuki
R Sanna, Marino Yamaha
R Sinnott, Steve Yamaha
R Plummer, Derek Yamaha
R Birks, Chas Kawasaki
R Illingworth, Frank Yamaha
R Griffin, Keith Suzuki
R Corkill, Robert Yamaha
R Kiff, Eddie Windle
R Oldroyd, Andrew Yamaha
R Pugh, Ian Yamaha
R Ammann, Eric Suzuki
R Miller, Glen Yamaha
R Searle, Mark Yamaha
R Norbury, Jim Yamaha
R Cain, Mike Yamaha
R Annandale, Bill Suzuki
R Phillips, John Yamaha
R Howles, Kenny Yamaha
R Miller, Michael Yamaha
R Hawes, Dick Windle
R Baker, Tony Yamaha
R Atkinson, Stewart Ireson
R Porritt, Nigel Yamaha
R Hopper, Colin Armstrong
R Freke, David Suzuki
R Samuel, David Yamaha
R Murphy, Martin Yamaha
R Burgess, Norman Armstrong
R Marris, Brian Yamaha
R Davie, Bill Yamaha
R Roots, Peter Yamaha
R Hopkins, Rab Yamaha
R Hurst, Leslie Suzuki
R Kneale, Paul Yamaha
R Boddice, Mick Yamaha
R Houghton, Dave Yamaha
R Kelly, Patrick Yamaha
R Appleton, Rod Yamaha
R Christian, Keith Yamaha
R Soall, Keith Yamaha
R Hardman, Colin Yamaha
R Winstanley, Vince BMW
R Thear, Bernard Yamaha
R Keen, Dennis Yamaha
R Applegate, Stuart Yamaha
R Bridson, Michael Suzuki
R Shellie, Michael Kawasaki
R Tapken, Dick Yamaha
R Wright, Eddy Yamaha
R Flynn, Gerald Yamaha
R Wright, Bernie Yamaha
R Pallister, Lenny Yamaha
R Mills, Edward Yamaha
R Lunemann, Helmut Yamaha
R Pointer, Steve Yamaha
R Marriner, Ian Yamaha
R Chesters, Paul Yamaha
R Martinel, Franco Yamaha


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