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2000 Singles TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 McGuinness, John 1:22:35.70 109.63 AMDM
2 Griffiths, Jason 1:23:23.20 108.59 AMDM
3 Barton, John 1:24:09.40 107.59 Ducati
4 Price, Robert A. 1:27:54.10 103.01 Yamaha
5 Poole, Edward 1:33:45.50 96.58 Bimota
6 Shaw, Philip 1:35:10.90 95.13 Suzuki
7 Granie, Marc 1:35:54.80 94.41 Bimota
8 Dixon, Keith 1:36:21.60 93.97 Seeley
9 Price, Robert J. 1:39:13.70 91.25 Yamaha
10 Wilkie, Karl 1:40:55.30 89.72 Yamaha
R Wilson, Andy Rotax
R Dey, Steve Yamaha
R Shortland, Anthony Rotax
R Linsdell, Steve Yamaha
R Gallagher, Denis Yamaha
R Swallow, Bill BRS
R Bell, Henry Kawasaki
R Hawkins, Rich Rotax
R Read, John Yamaha
R Chittka, Heinz Yamaha
R McGinty, Terry Suzuki
R Murray, Steve BRD