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2022 Sidecar 1 TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Birchall, Ben & Birchall, Tom 38:11.339 118.558 Honda
2 Crowe, Ryan & Crowe, Callum 38:25.328 117.838 Honda
3 Founds, Peter & Walmsley, Jevan 38:25.440 117.833 Honda
4 Molyneux, Dave & Gibson, Daryl 39:52.553 113.542 DMR
5 Bryan, Gary & Hyde, Philip 40:21.485 112.186 Honda
6 Harrison, Conrad & Winkle, Andy 41:12.265 109.881 Honda
7 Gibson, Gary & Christie, Tom 41:23.893 109.367 Suzuki
8 Stockton, Roger & Stockton, Bradley 43:06.027 105.048 Suzuki
9 Shand, Gordon & Claeys, Frank 43:21.416 104.426 Suzuki
10 Moore, Bruce & Moore, Ashley 43:32.309 103.991 Honda
11 King, Andy & Sigsworth, Andrew 43:35.634 103.859 Honda
12 Russell, Michael & Lelubez, Freddy 44:00.233 102.891 Suzuki
13 Chandler, Shaun & Chandler, Ben 44:00.726 102.872 Honda
14 Thomas, Alun & Cole, Kenneth 44:47.537 101.080 Honda
15 Crochemore, Goulven & Lelubez, Marlene 45:27.518 99.598 Suzuki
R Blackstock, Lewis Honda LCR
R Hardie, Scott Suzuki LCR
R Schofield, Karl Suzuki Ireson
R McBride, Ben Honda LCR
R Leblond, Estelle Suzuki SGR
R Shipley, John Suzuki LCR
R Payne, Harry Yamaha LCR
R Quirk, Dave Suzuki Ireson
R Cooke, Vicky Kawasaki LCR
R Melvin, Craig KTM LCR
R Saunders, James Honda Shelbourne
R Gash, Mark Suzuki LCR
R Ramsden, Stephen Honda LCR
R Lambert, Greg Honda LCR
R Costello, Maria Kawasaki LCR
R Rousseau, Kevin Yamaha LCR
R Crawford, Lee Suzuki LCR
R Carre, Clement Suzuki SGR
R Currie, Craig Honda LCR
R Sharp, Justin Honda LCR
R Rosney, Patrick Honda LCR
R Christian, Stuart KTM LCR
R Saunders, John Honda Shelbourne
R Ramsden, Matty Honda LCR
R Wilkes, Mark Yamaha LCR
R Reeves, Tim Yamaha LCR