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1909 Senior TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Collier, Harry 3:13:27.80 49.01 Matchless
2 Evans, Lee 3:17:35.20 47.28 Indian
3 Newsome, Billy 3:31:31.60 45.88 Triumph
4 Godfrey, Oliver 3:40:31.60 44.85 Rex
5 Franklin, Charles 3:41:10.00 43.02 Triumph
6 Applebee, Frank A. 3:42:24.20 42.66 Rex
7 Jones, B.V. 3:46:15.80 41.93 Premier
8 Moorhouse, Arthur 3:46:54.40 41.81 Rex
9 Munro, J.D.A. 3:55:08.60 40.34 BAT
10 Colver, Bert Matchless
11 Creyton, John William 3:55:10.00 40.34 Triumph
12 Giuppone, Giosue 3:57:49.00 39.89 Peugeot
13 Lang, John 4:00:53.00 39.39 Tee Bee
14 McMinnies, Gordon 4:10:45.00 37.84 Triumph
15 Stewart, James 4:14:02.80 37.43 Triumph
16 Fowler, Rem 4:15:47.60 37.18 Rex
17 Greer, Tom 4:25:59.60 35.76 Rex
18 Sproston, Archie 4:55:32.20 32.18 Rex
19 Butler, Percy DOT
R Marshall, Jack Triumph
R Collier, Charlie Matchless
R Perryman, S. Norton
R Bashall, John BAT
R Ellis, Robert Rex
R Wood, Cecil NSU
R Wilson, Clifford Rex
R Drury, Noel JAP
R Murphy, Charlie Triumph
R Carter, T.A. Rex
R Norton, James L. Norton
R Bagshaw, F.C. Rex
R Stanley, George Premier
R Bashall, Harry BAT
R Clark, Ronald FN
R Smythe, J.C. Rex
R Bowen, Harold BAT
R Jones, J.F. Triumph
R Brice, R.M. Brown
R Blake, A.V. Triumph
R Myers, Eric Scott
R White, R.M. Brown
R Reed, Harry DOT
R McLean, F.H. Triumph
R Wells, Billy Indian
R Bentley, Walter O. Rex
R Dayrell, Frank Martin
R Bell, Bob NSU
R Lord, R. Rex
R Baxter, J. Rex
R Grinstead, W. Rex
R Adamson, Jack Triumph
R Gibson, Hugh Triumph
R Cooper, Lister Triumph
R Heaton, Billy Rex
R Martin, Harry BAT