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1913 Senior TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Wood, Tim 5:26:18.00 48.57 Scott
2 Abbott, Ray 5:26:23.00 48.56 Rudge
3 Alexander, Alfie 5:30:11.00 48 Indian
4 Franklin, Charles 5:32:04.00 47.73 Indian
5 Cocker, Jimmy 5:32:13.00 47.71 Singer
6 Sheard, Thomas Mylchreest 5:42:27.00 46.28 Rudge
7 Moxey, Eric L. 5:45:42.00 45.85 Zenith
8 Garrett, Sydney 5:50:49.00 45.18 Regal Green
9 Busby, Vernon 5:53:51.00 44.79 Ariel
10 Brown, Noel 5:56:57.00 44.4 Indian
11 Tessier, Sidney 5:59:18.00 44.14 BAT
12 North, Charlie 5:59:48.00 44.05 Ariel
13 Adamson, Jack 6:00:13.00 44 Triumph
14 George, Sydney 6:04:21.00 43.5 Indian
15 Brown, Douggie 6:04:48.00 43.45 Rover
16 Sirett, Jack 6:07:49.00 43.09 Indian
17 Carey, R. 6:16:03.00 42.15 BSA
18 Flook, Percy 6:16:31.00 42.1 Triumph
19 Lindsay, Alec 6:16:39.00 42.08 Rover
20 Mundy, Rex 6:16:52.00 42.06 Triumph
21 Horsman, Victor 6:16:52.00 42.06 Singer
22 Longton, W.H. 6:18:15.00 41.9 Alldays
23 Creyton, John William 6:31:02.00 40.53 Ariel
24 Braid, Ossie 6:33:33.00 40.27 Indian
25 Holloway, Reg 6:39:27.00 39.68 Premier
26 Alexander, Jimmy 6:50:11.00 38.64 Indian
27 Croft, Stanley 6:55:03.00 38.19 Triumph
28 Newsome, Chris 6:56:38.00 38.04 Rover
29 Perryman, S. 7:00:31.00 37.69 Blumfield
30 Boynton, Godfrey 7:01:59.00 37.56 Triumph
R Thompson, J.R. BSA
R Godfrey, Oliver Indian
R Petty, Harold Singer
R Collier, Charlie Matchless
R Collier, Harry Matchless
R Cook, Will ASL
R Wilson, Clifford Quadrant
R Witham, S.A.M. Singer
R Woodhouse, Jack Regal
R Brough, George Brough
R Butler, Percy Scott
R Fenn, Archie BSA
R Smith, Quentin Triumph
R Mills, H.C. Zenith
R Hill, L. Rudge
R Miller, A.G. Martin
R Heales, S. Rudge
R Rowlandson, Rowley Rudge
R Hayes, John Cayenne
R Lewis, R.M. BSA
R Olsson, Vivian Ariel
R Applebee, Frank A. Scott
R Shemans, George Triumph
R Lamb, H.F. Triumph
R Kay, H.J. ABC
R Wray, Alfred ABC
R Brewster, Percy Norton
R Emerson, Jack Norton
R Jones, Allen New Imperial
R Holden, Kenneth BSA
R Bownass, Robin Matchless
R Shaw, Bernard Norton
R Herman, Georg Puch
R McDonagh, A.J. Rudge
R Heinzel, Max NSU
R Reed, Harry DOT
R McComb, Thomas Martin
R Schoffield, J. Blumfield
R Heapy, Dr H.E. Matchless
R Ware, Teddy Zenith
R Medinger, Robert Puch
R Barron, Sydney Mead
R Vailati, Ernesto Rudge
R Turvey jnr, Fred BSA
R Martin, Charles Triumph
R Ragless, H.H. Triumph
R Begley, Frank Martin
R Longfield, Norman Scott
R Little, Bernard Premier
R Peck, Tom Peerless
R Ravelli, Gino Premier
R Surman, R.E. Alldays
R Griffith, George Zenith
R Steele jnr, James BSA
R Green, Tommy Rudge
R Gassert, Karl NSU
R Cooper, Lister Triumph
R Kremleff, Boris Rudge
R Holder, Norman Blumfield
R Newey, Len Ariel
R Axford, Sydney Martin
R Bateman, Frank Rudge
R Hall, Arthur Rudge
R Kirk, Alister Triumph