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1925 Junior TT
Position Competitor(s) Time Speed Machine
1 Handley, Wal 3:28:56.40 65.2 Rex Acme
2 Davies, Howard 3:32:42.20 63.87 HRD
3 Simpson, Jimmie 3:33:22.20 63.67 AJS
4 Hough, Charlie 3:39:40.00 61.89 AJS
5 Harris, Harry 3:49:58.60 59.07 HRD
6 Horton, L. 3:50:47.00 58.87 New Imperial
7 Young, Charlie 3:52:26.80 58.43 Royal Enfield
8 Dodson, Charlie 3:55:23.00 57.73 Sunbeam
9 Tetsall, Bert 3:58:24.00 57.48 Sunbeam
10 Mundey, Edward 3:59:06.00 56.81 New Hudson
11 McGowan, J. 4:00:55.00 56.38 Matador
12 Stannard, George 4:01:43.60 56.22 Grindlay Peerless
13 Gelling, Robert 4:01:58.00 56.14 New Imperial
14 Marston, F.R. 4:02:14.00 56.1 Montgomery
15 Cordiner, T. 4:07:43.00 54.85 Matador
16 Merrill, Bert 4:16:10.00 53.3 Rex Acme
17 Reynard, George 4:16:26.00 52.97 Royal Enfield
18 Austin, A. 4:24:03.00 52.97 BSA
19 Sheard, Thomas Mylchreest 4:34:17.00 49.52 Douglas
20 Kershaw, Bert 4:43:45.00 47.87 New Hudson
R Dixon, Freddie Douglas
R Twemlow, Kenneth New Imperial
R Dance, George Sunbeam
R Longman, Frank AJS
R Woods, Stanley Royal Enfield
R Booth, L. New Imperial
R Williams, Stuart AJS
R Sheard, Miles OEC
R Millsom, F.P. Calthorpe
R Rowley, George AJS
R Twemlow, Eddie New Imperial
R Varzi, Achille Sunbeam
R Randles, Len Sunbeam
R Bell, Percy DOT
R Ollerhead, Sydney DOT
R Craner, Fred Rex Acme
R Brockbank, Harry Cotton
R Judd, Rex Douglas
R Willis, Harold Montgomery
R Burney, Gordon Royal Enfield
R Eadington, Jim New Hudson
R Hay, K.G. Cotton
R Povey, Fred Velocette
R Harry, A.M. New Hudson
R Archibald, E. Royal Enfield
R Greenwood, Arthur DOT
R Kuhn, Gus Velocette
R Johnston, Paddy Cotton
R Whalley, Jim Douglas
R Robertson, A.J. AJR
R Gill, Stanley Calthorpe
R Porter, Jock New Gerrard