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Some people love the charm and excitement that comes with clambering over hedges and crawling through tunnels to reach their favourite spectating spot, but for those that can’t or don’t want to hike to start and end their day of TT spectating, here are some wheelchair accessible spots to enjoy the TT Races. 

1. The Crosby Pub – Crosby

Immensely popular, The Crosby offers a perfect combination of comfort, facilities and impeccable TT viewing. A high speed spot, TT fans can enjoy the bikes flying past the pub whilst enjoying food and drink from the pub with ramp access and wheelchair accessible toilets. Phone them ahead of going to ensure they can fit save you an appropriate space.

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2. The Hawthorn - Greeba

Found on the main road in Greeba, the Hawthorn is a spectacular spot for TT spectating. Situated on the edge of the course, spectators can gather on the frontage and in the carpark all at ground level, and have access to fully wheelchair accessible toilets. Not to mention the incredible food and drink on offer day-to-day too.

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3. The Lodge at Glen Helen – Glen Helen

The Lodge at Glen Helen is wheelchair accessible and a great place to watch the racing. Located just after the Black Dub and just before Sarah’s cottage, The Lodge restaurant and the public glen both have wheelchair accessible facilities to use. And you won’t go hungry for a day’s racing!

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4. The Mitre – Kirk Michael

The Oldest Pub on the Island, The Mitre has seen every single bike go past its front doors since 1907 and continues strong today as a great place to sit course-side for a spectacular view of many riders’ favourite sections of the course – Kirk Michael Village. Spectators can enter the pub at ground level and watch from the car park or the front beer garden. Please phone ahead so they can ensure you get an appropriate place.

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5. The Sulby Glen Hotel – Sulby

The Sulby Glen Hotel is famous on the TT course for spectating. At the top of the straight just before the Sulby Speed Trap, spectators here can expect serious high speeds. The pub itself has a ground level viewing area that gets busy quickly due to the popularity of the spot, and wheelchair accessible inside via a ramp. Food, drinks and high speeds, what more could you want?

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6. The Ginger Hall – Sulby

The second pub in Sulby, The Ginger Hall, is on the left-hander after Sulby Bridge. A slower spot for watching than The Sulby Glen Hotel, this spot is great for accessible viewing with general viewing available at road level. There is a wheelchair friendly toilet available inside, as well as food and drink to keep you nourished for a race day.

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7. The Swan – Ramsey

The Swan in Ramsey is popular year-round and on-event with locals and tourists alike. All on ground level, the Parliament Square located pub is a great place to watch from indoors or from the outside space whilst enjoying some great home-cooked food and drink. Please reach out directly to ensure you get a space. 

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8. Victory Café – The Bungalow

A bucket list item for most people making the pilgrimage to the TT is Victory Café at The Bungalow. With panoramic views of the Mountain Course, food and drink and facilities, it is no wonder flocks of fans travel up the mountain early to bag a spot. A ramp to the front door, a raised viewing platform and a new wheelchair accessible toilet being installed early 2024; this is a great spot for anyone.

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9. The Creg-ny-Baa – Onchan

The Creg-ny-Baa is another bucket list location for TT fans to tick off whether visiting during the racing or not. With wheelchair accessible facilities and viewing spots, this is a great place to choose to spectate from with food and drink available. However as this pub is extremely popular, anyone wanting to choose here to spectate is requested to call ahead and pick a day to ensure you get a parking space as close by as possible.

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10. The TT Fan Park and Grandstand - Douglas

The TT Fan Park and Grandstand are great places to enjoy the racing. All on one level, and with wheelchair accessible toilets, this is a terrific place to spend a day of racing. If you fancy raised viewing from the Grandstand, the main grandstand has a lift up to the allocated wheelchair spaces, and anyone booked into that space gets one free ticket for someone accompanying them. The TT Mercury Club is also accessible with a wheelchair, and accommodations can be made to provide access to the main grandstand in place of the hospitality grandstand too.

The Deaf TT

The TT Grandstand is also home to the so-called "Deaf TT" where a member of the Manx Deaf Society signs the race commentary live usually for the final two days of racing. 

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